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The force "operated throughout Iraq, arming, aiding, and abetting Shiite militias"—i.e., the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, Dawa, and the Mahdi Army—"all" of which "had close ties to Iran, some dating back decades" as part of their struggle against Saddam Hussein's oppressive Arab nationalist regime.In November 2006, with sectarian violence in Iraq increasing, U. General John Abizaid accused the Quds Force of supporting "Shi'a death squads" even while the government of Iran pledges support in stabilization. Chirazi is the third highest officer of Quds Force, making him the highest-ranked Iranian to ever allegedly be held by the United States."We did interdict a shipment, without question the Revolutionary Guard's core Quds Force, through a known Taliban facilitator. Iranians certainly view as making life more difficult for us if Afghanistan is unstable.We don't have that kind of relationship with the Iranians.The Quds Force was created during the Iran–Iraq War as a special unit from the broader IRGC forces.

The Quds Force sometimes plays a more direct role in the military operations of the forces it trains, including pre-attack planning and other operation-specific military advice.The size of the Quds Force is unknown, with some experts believing that Quds Force numbers no more than 2,000 people, with 800 core operatives, and others saying that it could number anywhere from 3,000 to 50,000.Mahan Abedin, director of research at the London-based Center for the Study of Terrorism (and editor of Islamism Digest), believes the unit is not independent: "Quds Force, although it's a highly specialized department, it is subject to strict, iron-clad military discipline.According to journalist Dexter Filkins, the force's members are "divided between combatants and those who train and oversee foreign assets", and the force is divided into branches focusing on "intelligence, finance, politics, sabotage, and special operations.Members are chosen both for their skill and "allegiance to the doctrine of the Islamic Revolution".

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